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how to do is

Locate individual properties with significant profit potential and unite them into one planning complex.

We don't destruct, we don't build, we don't renovate and we don't issue permits.

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In the most expensive city in the world,
Tel Aviv.
In the most expensive city in the world,
Tel Aviv.
About Us

The company was founded by Avi Romano and Ziv Poplavsky after merging their activities in several companies in the field of real estate, marketing and strategy, which were managed with great success for over 20 years. The company is engaged in the improvement of real estate with significant potential and with a high level of complexity, located in high demand areas in the city of Tel Aviv.

RAY TLV with its extensive professional knowledge and years of experience in land zoning, aims to take the lead in the field of real estate enhancement in Tel Aviv.

Avi Romano

An entrepreneur and investor, who began his work in the field of real estate about 30 years ago. In the last 15 years, he has initiated city building plans and significant projects, mainly in the city of Tel Aviv, through companies he owns. He has extensive experience in unionizing, developing and improving land through joint work with rights holders and local authorities. He specializes in managing and promoting plans at all stages until they are approved, while creating significant value for the land and understanding the needs of the city and the municipality.

Ziv Poplavsky

An entrepreneur and investor, who began his work about 20 years ago in the field of strategy, marketing and advertising. In the last 15 years, he had founded and managed several local and global companies that provided business strategy, research, marketing and advertising services, to diverse clients from the worlds of real estate, media, finance, consumer products, automobiles, retail, fashion, beauty care and politics. He is one the owners of the international advertising agency "Leomek Hatodaa" (from the TBWA group). In the recent years he has been focusing on the development and improvement of real estate in the city of Tel Aviv.


The merger of the real estate company RAY-TLV with Intelicana was approved

Construction rights for 250,000 square meters: the entrepreneurs who produce land for construction in Tel Aviv

RAY TLV purchased 700 square meters in the area of the new Tel Aviv Central Station for NIS 22 million

The real estate company RAY TLV merges its activities into a public company

Intelicana jumps in business: will empty the cannabis activity and merge with a real estate company

From the

After a jump of about 80% in the stock: Inticana's merger with Ray TLV was approved

RAY TLV and Ashstrom Properties will cooperate in locating projects for improvement in Tel Aviv

RAY TLV will locate, Ashstrom will manage: cooperation for the purchase of land in Tel Aviv

The real estate improvement company RAY TLV wants to complete the merger with the skeleton at a value of NIS 173 million

The skeleton of the cannabis Intelicana will absorb the real estate company RAY TLV into it

Real estate transaction on Harevet Street in Tel Aviv: land was purchased

About NIS 50 million

Y. H. Demari is purchasing with a partner land on Hagra Street in Tel Aviv for NIS 48 million

Some numbers

Over 25 years of experience 

7 projects
in process

Project planning

In the scope of over 300,000
square meters

The Projects
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Raoul Valenberg
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Yigal Allon
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Ma'pile Egoz
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