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The Project
Haghara/ Bnei Brak/ Harakevet

About the project

The promotion of a city building plan within the framework of which the plots of the complex will be consolidated and 2 towers will be built with a total area of ​​43,000 square meters in a mix of uses - employment, commerce and residences in partnership with Y.H. Dimri.


Kaiser Architects and City Planners.

The Enhancement Challenge

Integration between the municipality's macro planning and the needs of the residents, apartment owners and property owners in the southern area of ​​Tel Aviv.

The Result

The sale of the improved land to an entrepreneurial company.

Resident Welfare

Responding to public needs for the entire Ma'ar, an affordable housing complex, public built areas for the well-being of the residents, expansion of public lots adjacent to the plan

and a luxurious and modern exterior design for the Neve Shanan neighborhood.

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